Other Music Sites


You can listen too and download our music at the following sites:


You have to download and install their software. Click on Itunes store
Click on browse (far right of screen) click on music (first column) click on country(next column) click on All (next column)
scroll down to and click on Deral and Oteka that will take you to our album. You can listen and download any song or the whole album if you wish. we also have an Itunes Mix
Click on Itunes mix
Enter Deral and Oteka in the search box Click on Deral and Oteka's favorites
You can select and down load any song on the mix. EmusicYou have to be a member to listen and download our songs.


Go towww.amazon.com
Select music from category box enter Deral and Oteka in the next box. you can listen and download our music if you wish. Thanks for visiting our site.